Heading North

We left Georgia today after a nice long visit with family.  We’re spending tonight at Camping World in Colfax, NC.  We had to pick up some parts to replace a leaky valve on the back of the toilet and they have nice overnight spots with free electricity.  It’s supposed to get down in the 30’s tonight so we’re glad we can run the heaters.

Tomorrow we’re going to a QVC outlet store, so Mom can shop for stuff we don’t have room for.  Then we’re going to spend the weekend with some friends up on the NC/VA border.


Haven’t had a cheeseburger in over two weeks…maybe tomorrow  Sad smile




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  1. No cheeseburgers in over two weeks?????? It is time for mutiny. Have you thought about reporting this to children’s services or whatever…you two are in my prayers!

    Miss Cissy Bell Moore (my Mommy lady helped me type this)

  2. You need to put your feet down – all eight of them! No burgers – no QVC!!

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