Camping With Friends

We finally got a cheeseburger on Friday.  That was our treat for waiting in the motorhome while they went outlet shopping for a couple hours.

Friday evening we parked at a friend’s place up on the NC/VA border.  Several of Mom & Dad’s friends came to spend the weekend.  We had a great parking spot on the hill next to the house.


Silva lives here.  I liked her once I got to know her, but Hannah was a bit of an embarrassment with her crazy barking.  Silva tolerated her though and by the end of the weekend Hannah was better behaved.


There were chickens here that gave us fresh eggs for breakfast.



and Norman the steer.


Sheri came up on Saturday.  I met Sheri when we were in Alaska, she came up with some other friends to hike the Chilkoot Trail.  Sheri brought Jester this weekend…I REALLY like Jester.


We had a nice relaxing weekend…enjoyed perfect weather during the day



and Sat around the campfire at night


Dana even cooked us eggs & toast for breakfast…the perfect host.  Smile



We had a great weekend…here’s the whole gang except for Silva & Norman.


We left on Sunday and drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway, then over to Appomattox, VA.  We’re just hanging out in the motorhome while Mom & Dad check out the Civil War Sites.  Tomorrow we drive over to Lexington, then on North.



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  1. We just have to be really patient with Hannah and Skittlez. They aren’t brave like we are. But boy that cheeseburger sure sounded good. And having fun with lots of human friends as well as doggie friends – that’s even better.

  2. What’s a cheeseburger? You keep talking about them but I’ve never had one. Is it better than peanut butter? I love peanut butter – especially when the jar is almost empty and Mom lets me lick it clean! If it doesn’t rain this weekend Mom its taking me to Rumblin’ in Ridgeland – a muscle car show.

  3. Cheeseburgers ROCK! 🙂

    Have fun at the car show

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