We spent three days in Gettysburg.  We stayed at a KOA that had a nice little dog park.



I played on the playground equipment, but Phoebe wouldn’t play with me.




Most of the time we relaxed in the motorhome while Mom & Dad explored Gettysburg.  On our last night, they wanted to go back to Devil’s Den after dark, so we got to go with them.  They like ghost hunting.




We got a lot of photos with spirit orbs once it got dark.


Look at that one on Dad’s shoe ~ LOL!


It was a fun night and we got a McDonald’s cheeseburger on the way home!  We had fun in Gettysburg…Tomorrow we head over to Connecticut to visit Dad’s brother. 


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  1. Hannah – I would have played with you! I love the teeter-totter and weave poles. I play on them when I visit my friend Liesel. Were you afraid of the ghosts?

    Mom says we missed the rain last night but it’s colder and windy today – lots of new branches in the yard to chew on.

  2. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! LOL 🙂

  3. You girls are really living the life! 😀
    It was 97 here today. :p

  4. We made it to Maine yesterday…Today’s HIGH (?) is 51 degrees!

  5. love you nana keep it up happy birthday to both of you

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