Bar Harbor, Maine

Well, we made it to Maine!  We drove across the State line on April 26, then spent a couple days parked at a friend’s place in South Bristol.



Hannah had a small crisis the day we arrived.  Mom & Dad stopped at Kittery to check out the Trading Post.  They browsed the store for a bit then got some fish & chips to bring back to the coach for lunch.  Thank goodness they weren’t gone long, cause Hannah had jumped up on the back of the couch, like she does to look out the window, and accidently fell behind the couch!  Mom knew something was wrong as soon as she opened the door and didn’t see Hannah…then she saw the curtain move and found her back there, trapped between the couch and the wall.   The good news is, we got a cheeseburger for dinner when we got to Evelyn’s house…if I had known that I would have pushed her off the couch sooner ~ LOL! Winking smile

It was pretty scary, but now Mom bought a bunch of pillows and stuffed it, so if she falls back there again she’ll have a comfy place to rest until she gets rescued….she’s such a trainwreck! LOL

It’s very cold in Maine.  We had to dig out our winter sweaters again.


It’s windy too


but there’s lots of new things to explore


We got to the new campground on Saturday.  They have a doggy park here too, but it was really wet.  We played for a while anyway, then we had to go home and get dried off.




Our campground is right on the water, but the beach is more rocky than sandy.


We went for a ride the other day and found the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse down on the South Side of the Island.


Then Mom & Dad stopped to pick up some creepy critters.  I had to get a closer look at them, but Hannah ran and hid.  I think she thought they were new pets and she was gonna lose her position as the baby of the family.017

Fortunately, they cooked them and ate them for Dad’s birthday.


The next day was Mom’s birthday and they just grill lamb kabobs…much less traumatic.

Mom & Dad start work tomorrow, they’re still getting the campground ready to open.  It officially opens on Monday, May 7th, but as cold as it is there may not be any campers for a while.   It should be great here once we warm up.



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  1. It sure looks pretty up there! Mom said it was a good thing those critters had bands on their pinchers or you could have lost your nose! It’s too hot here already – it’s hard to run laps around the yard when it’s 90 degrees. Hope you have a great summer in Maine.

  2. OMG-I love your pics and their story! Have a wonderful summer. xxx Carol

  3. Oh poor Hannah!
    I’m so glad the girls were rewarded with cheeseburgers!
    Happy belated birthday!
    It was 96 here today – it must be hot everywhere but Maine!

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