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Trip To The Vet

Life is pretty boring up here in Maine, so far.  Mom & Dad leave us to go to work and we miss the Gate Guard job where someone was always home with us.  They stop in to have a coffee break & lunch though, so we’re never alone for long.  I lay up on the back of the couch and watch for them to drive by in the golf cart, when I’m not napping.  One good thing is, they feel guilty about leaving us, so we’ve gotten a cheeseburger about once a week since we got here!    It’s cold & rainy…can’t believe it’s June 5th and our high today is only expected to be 58 degrees!

We do enjoy this park, when the weather is good.  I have lots of people & other dogs to bark at.  Phoebe likes to make friends more than I do.  Here’s one of her friends…

Cali lives in front of us with Ann & Sue….They’re from Texas!


This is Annie, she’s a little Princess.  Annie’s parents are the workamper supervisors, her Dad is head of Maintenance and her Mom is head of Housekeeping.


As I said, the weather has been horrible.  One problem with being the youngest is having to wear hand-me-downs.  I got stuck wearing Scruffy’s old raincoat during the last big downpour.  Obviously it’s way too big for me, but I can’t fit into Phoebe’s raincoat.


Today we had to go to the vet. 



Phoebe needed her heartworm test & distemper shot and we both had to get Lyme Disease shots. Apparently Lyme disease is pretty bad up here, so we have to get vaccines for it.

Phoebe was good and I embarrassed everyone with my constant barking…but I didn’t cry when I got the shot!  Smile


That’s about all the news…We’ll let you know if it ever warms up here.