Monthly Archives: July 2012

Exploring Maine

Wow, we’ve been lazy about updating the blog lately!  We’ve been having fun exploring Maine with Mom & Dad on their days off.  They’ve been visiting some local wineries along the Maine Wine Trail.  Here we had stopped for lunch along the way and enjoyed a cheeseburger.



We got to tour the vineyard at Younity Winery.


We found this pretty little stream while searching for a waterfall…not much of a waterfall, but it was pretty.




The weather’s been beautiful here…look at this forecast on our new 32” flat screen TV.  They finally replaced the old TV we had in the motorhome. 


This week we took it easy at home.  Wednesday was a crazy day here…Dad cut his head open at work and had to go to the hospital and get 10 staples to put his head back together.  Then Phoebe hurt herself somehow & was screaming in pain if they touched her back leg.  We took her to our doctor @ Oceanside Animal Hospital and Doctor Burmeister thinks she sprained her knee.  She got a shot and some pills to take for 4 days.  We were really lucky to find such a great doctor up here.  He said to give her a little extra treat with the medicine, so we got a cheeseburger for dinner!  She’s feeling much better now, but I think she’s milking the injury for attention Ha Ha!

If anyone is interested…Soft Shell Lobster is down to $3.99 a pound!


Hope everyone’s having a great summer.  We miss Texas & our Gate Guard job, but we like this summer weather better than 100 degree temps.