Acadia National Park

We’ve finally had some pretty warm weather here.  Mom & Dad were off work today, so we got to go to Acadia National Park.

Acadia was the First National Park East of the Mississippi River.


The carriage road system at Acadia National Park features 17 stone-faced bridges spanning streams, waterfalls, cliffs, and roads. The design of each bridge is unique.   Here’s two of them.



We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain.  With an elevation of 1,528 feet, its summit is the highest point within 25 miles of a coastline on the U.S. East Coast.  Cadillac Mountain is commonly believed to be the first location in the United States to be struck by the sun’s rays each morning.


Spectacular views from the top…






We drove a little way down the mountain and walked out on a cliff and had a picnic.  We had some chicken salad and water, no cheeseburgers today.  Sad smile




Then we drove to another part of the park and walked along a path on a cliff near Otter Point





We were pretty tired…Hannah slept all the way home


We only saw about half of Park Loop Road…there’s lots more to the park, so we’ll have to go back another day.



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  1. Wow – pretty photos! Glad you finally got weather nice enough to do things. It’s so hot here I can’t run laps.

  2. What beautiful pictures. We have friends that have spent two summers at Acadia and loved it. Have to say the water makes us wish for the coastal areas but we love the 7,600 elevation here with trips up over 10,500 ft. in the National Forest in the area. The temp yesterday morning was only 49 but got up to 85 during the day.

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