Playing on the Beach

Today we went for walk down to the beach




We dipped our toes in the water



and snooped around on the rocks



It’s been a good summer and I’ve made friends that I’ll miss.

This is Annie…Truly A Princess!


She’s so tiny, only 6 pounds!





and this is my friend Callie, the Golden next door.  Callie watches for Mom & Dad on the golf cart cause they carry milkbones and stop to give her treats.



Hannah doesn’t make friends very well…really, not at all!  She barks and goes crazy, so she doesn’t get to visit.

We’re working on getting ready to leave soon.  Mom & Dad spent this morning cleaning the underneath storage bins, so that we can start getting packed.   We acquired some extra things and need to make room for them.  Mom tore up what was left of her garden and is getting her planter boxes cleaned and ready to go.

We’ll be here till Oct 24th.  We’ve been in touch with the Gate Guard company, we worked for last winter, and will see what they have available when get back to Texas.  Looking forward to getting back to the Gate Guard life..where someone is always at home with us.  Smile



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  1. Skittlez doesn’t make friends either. Me, I can take or leave them. Just as long as they remember I’m the boss. But I can’t believe you guys put your toes in the water. No way. Hope it doesn’t snow on you before you leave. At least the leaves will be beautiful. We’re in AZ and I am loving laying on the hot rocks. Makes my old back and hind legs feel much better.

  2. I heard you had made it to AZ, still pretty hot there. Enjoy the rocks…you know humans pay big bucks for those Hot Stone Spa treatments ~ LOL!

    Glad you’re feeling better XOXO

  3. So good to hear from you girls…be safe on the road.

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