It’s My Birthday/Anniversary!

Two years ago today I got adopted by my wonderful parents.  We don’t know when my real Birthday is, so today is the day we celebrate and I’m about 4 years old.  I got a new sweater



Phoebe’s still wearing her old sweater ~ LOL!


We’ve had a few really cold days.


We both got new coats…sort of matching.



We got to go for a ride


and guess what Birthday dinner was…


Yep, Cheeseburger! 

Mom throws away the top bun and cuts it up and puts it in our bowls.  We each got our own today, sometimes we have to share one.


Boy, was this good!


Phoebe ate all of hers, but I just ate the meat & cheese and left the bun


I prefer a low carb diet.


It’s been a great two years and it was a pretty good Birthday.  We leave Maine next week..heading South!  Smile



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  1. Well happy birthday Hannah…you are both just too cute. Your blog always brings a smile to my face…I so enjoy hearing about what you two are up to.

  2. Awww, Thanks Vicki! We’ll have a quick visit in Georgia then should be back in Texas…hopefully on a gate…by Mid-Nov.

  3. Happy Birthday Hannah! Love your new sweater!!

  4. What a great birthday you had. But the really special part is that you found a forever home filled with lots of love. I know it’s a pain to have to put up with Phoebe sometimes but just remember, she loves you too. Low carb is good for the figure.

  5. Happy Anni-birth-day! Your sweater is very pretty! You got picked by some very special people. Hope to see you next month!

  6. happy anniversy/birthday hannah.miss yall have a good time in the rv!!!!

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