We’re Back In Texas!

We’ve been so busy this past month that we haven’t had time to update on everything.  We left Bar Harbor, Maine on Oct 23 and headed South.  We stopped to visit friends in North Carolina. 

We got to run & play


Visited with our friend Jester

025 (2)



and sat around the campfire at night with the humans.


Then we drove on the Grandma & Grandpa’s house in Georgia.  We stayed there for 3 weeks.  Mom & Dad had to go to lots of doctor appointments and stuff.  We just hung out and played in the yard and napped on the couch.  This is us with Gracie.


and here’s Sophie, she can’t jump up on the couch anymore so she lays on the floor…like a dog ~ LOL!


We got a new truck because Mom & Dad have decided they want to trade the motorhome for a 5th wheel.  It’s so big we can’t jump in, we have to be lifted up into it.



We left Georgia on Nov 15th.  The truck can’t be towed with the motorhome, so we rode in the new truck with Mom, and Dad followed in the motorhome.  We went to Biloxi to see a 5th wheel trailer Mom had been looking at online.  She decided against that one, so we’re going to look at another one tomorrow in Texas.


We’re looking forward to getting back to a Gate Guard job, so we can settle down for the winter.  We’ll let you know how it turns out.





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  1. Glad you got to play with some friends along the way. Makes the trip so much more fun that way. And why in the world are you getting a fiver? I thought you were die hard motor home fans. I personally think you’ll like the fiver better for living in. We sure do.

  2. Sorry we missed seeing you. Mom was off quilting for a week and I was at the spa. Nice ride – bet I could jump up in it! Wish you could come for my birthday party Saturday – I’ll be three!

  3. Hello and welcome back. Frack team came in on Monday, so BUSY. We now have 3 signs, and some say “Lenoso” and some “Lenosa”. Definitely come visit if and when you get time.

  4. hey nana nice truck

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