Back On Guard Duty!

We left Biloxi, MS, and drove on to Texas.  We went to visit our friends Ann, Sue & Callie, who we worked with all summer up in Maine.  They have a big yard and Mom & Dad took off my leash and let me run free.  I learned that I don’t have to bark at Callie, cause she doesn’t really care that I’m there and she likes everyone…so I settled down and had a good time.  Callie has great big deck that we spent a lot of time on.


A practiced my guard dog skills


Phoebe explored everything


I took naps in the sun


and we tried to scare the goats on the other side of the fence.



Then we left and went to get a new home.  We spent a couple days of mass confusion moving into our new 5th wheel trailer.


Then we headed South and went back to work as Gate Guards in the Texas oilfields for the Winter.  This is arrival at our new gate! 


We seem to have lots of visitors here… 


These are Javelina…


Should be an interesting winter, we like the location and are getting very comfortable in our new home.  We even got a new pink couch cover with polka dot pillows!





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  1. Thanks, Feels Good To Be Back 🙂

  2. Hannah, you are really learning to be a good girl and a brave one. But stay away from those Javelina’s. They are really nasty, mean things. Scooter says to say hi. She’s in bed under the covers and doesn’t want to come out until it warms up.

  3. You girls look settled in your new home!

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