Life Back In The Oil Fields

We’re finally getting used to the 24 hour gate guarding schedule again.  It’s nice always having someone home with us.

Aunt Connie made Christmas pillowcases and sent them last week.  We got to use them for a picture.



I think Hannah wants to keep it….she loves her pillow.


We got to go to the trash dump in Tilden with Dad today.  It helps break up the boredom and it’s a fun ride.  There’s no place to get a burger in Tilden, so we haven’t had a cheeseburger since we got here.  Maybe Santa will bring us one. 


We’re enjoying the beautiful Texas skies again…they have the prettiest colors when the sun is going down


We do have a roadrunner that visits sometimes, but he’s not as friendly as the one we had last winter.  They tried to feed him some chicken, but he wasn’t interested….maybe he’ll learn to like us.


It’s 70 and cloudy today…good day for a nap on the couch.




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  1. Mom and Dad bought us a new Christmas rug thingie but Skittlez hogs it all the time. Your Aunt Connie was smart to make you two of them so you have your own. It’s been rainy and cold here so I sure hope we see some sunshine tomorrow.

  2. I hope you get sunshine soon too. Is Skittlez feeling better?


  3. Mom made me pillowcases too – even though she says they’re hers. Hannah looks so comfortable! A ride to the trash dump – that sounds like fun! Any ride any where is fun! We had rain all day so it was a good day for naps while Mom made cookies. (No candy cane cookies!)

  4. Ha Ha…The Famous Candy Cane Cookies….We’ve heard stories about those! 😀 We love the pillowcases, but Mom said they aren’t ours.

  5. I hope you get cheeseburgers for Christmas!

  6. Welcome back, girls! Oh no – no cheeseburgers!
    Henry feels your pain.
    While you’re in Tilden, make sure Mom and Dad check out Max’s!
    The Max’s Nacho Special is SUPREME!!

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