Happy Holidays!

It really doesn’t feel much like Christmas…Sunny & 78 degrees today.

We had a nice surprise visit from some friends yesterday.  Roger & Charlotte worked with Mom & Dad at a RV park in AZ, three years ago.  Phoebe knew them, but it was before they got me.   They’re here in Texas, about an hour from us, so they came by for a visit.  I wasn’t very nice…strangers scare me, so I bark at them.  I finally calmed down, once Mom convinced me they were OK.  They were gate guards a couple years ago, and may do it again…it would be nice to have them near us.

Then we got our Christmas baths.  I jumped right in the shower for mine, but they had to drag Phoebe out of hiding to get hers….she wasn’t happy.


I like getting snuggled in a towel after my bath


Of course, then we went out for a walk in the dust ~ LOL!


There was a little baby deer visiting by us this morning


We had our Christmas dinner today…Mom went to Pleasanton to get mail and groceries and brought us back a cheeseburger .  We scarfed that up pretty quick.   Smile


Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Holiday Season…Wherever You Are & Whatever You Celebrate! 

Hope It’s Filled With Love, Joy & Good Food!



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  1. Soffie and Gracie

    Phoebe and Hannah,
    We hope Santa will be good to you!
    Merry Christmas!
    Soffie and Gracie

  2. We didn’t get a cheeseburger but Mom let us have some chicken today which sure was good. Skittlez gets scared and barks at strangers too. She finally calms down but boy she can drive me crazy for a little while. Hope you guys have a really super, duper Merry Christmas.

  3. wanderingwendels

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas. The Wheelers Mercantile in Tilden has food, some already prepared in the cases and some made to order. I got a burger from there and a fox (I think that’s what they called it) which if I remember correctly was a chicken sandwich. The food is good but kind of expensive. I tried to go to that diner/cafe that is attached to Max’s Hotel, (I think that was the name) but they told me it was going to be a 45 minute wait, so that’s when I went to Wheeler’s for takeout. The newer laundry mat there, Cowboy Laundry, I think it’s called, is very nice but also expensive. A new Super Wash just opened up in Pearsall and the sign says $1.25, so sounds really reasonable. Since I have a washer/dryer now, no more laundry visits, which is great, but I do miss out on meeting the other gate guards at the laundry mat. I guess it’s a trade off. Penny

  4. Hope you had a Merry Christmas too. It was a pretty slow day but still had some truck traffic to keep us busy. The wind is crazy today…thought we were gonna blow over. We’ll have to check out the mercantile for burgers! 🙂

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