Monthly Archives: January 2013

Got Our Truck Back!

We got our truck back from the shop!  They replaced the transmission cooler and checked the transmission.  Fortunately there was no damage to the transmission.  We never did get to ride in the rental car.

We got to go for a ride to the trash dump when we got the truck back.



Phoebe learned a new trick… 

Curiosity got the best of her, and she decided to brave the cattle gate to see what was on the other side.




I’m not walking on that thing…it scares me


Nope…You’ll have to pick me up and carry me. 

I’m perfectly happy walking the other way

I don’t care what’s down that road.



Dad saw a bobcat with 2 babies last week.  They move pretty fast, so we didn’t get a picture.

It’s 85 degrees here today…a beautiful sunny winter day in SW Texas.  Our friends, Roger & Charlotte, are taking over a LOMA gate about 15 miles from us on Feb 1st.  It’ll be nice to have them nearby…yes, 15 miles is nearby out here in the gate guard world in rural Texas.

Hope Everyone is Having a Great Weekend!


P.S.  Mom said to tell everyone, if you need glasses check out


Mom got two new pair of bifocal glasses cheaper than she paid for one pair in Mexico…and way cheaper than most retail eyeglasses prices.  All you need is your prescription, then you can upload a picture and try them on.