Cold, Mud, and Snacks

We started 2013 off with our mandatory Roast Pork, Black-eyed peas, & Collard Greens on New Year’s Day.


So far it’s working…life is good & we have a job!

The weather has been unpredictable, to say the least.  One day it’s 78 degrees and the next night it dips down into the 30’s with highs in the 50’s.  Today it’s cold and windy, only supposed to get up to 51 degrees, but it’s sunny.  We keep our sweaters handy for walks. 



We had rain last week and everything was a muddy mess. We had to get our feet dipped in a dishpan of warm water after our walks, to get the caliche mud from between our toes. The floors were covered in towels to keep the carpet as clean as possible. Fortunately, most of that has dried up now.  We had several trucks stuck in mud, that had to be pulled out.  They just got this one out today.


It’s no secret, my favorite time is snack time.  Here I am trying to get Dad’s attention without being accused of begging.  If I just lay my chin on his knee and look adorable, I can usually get us a bite.  Phoebe’s too proud to beg, so I do it for both of us.


We had company for few minutes on Saturday.  Pat stopped by to pick up Mom, they went to town for the monthly Ladies Gate Guard Luncheon.  Mom enjoys getting to go out for some “Girl Time” with other gate guards.  It’s a shame they don’t have a Doggie Gate Guard Lunch.  Of course, I don’t have very good social skills, so I’d probably just embarrass Mom.

I’ve quit going to bed with Mom lately.  Now I stay up with Dad all night and help guard the gate.  Well, actually I nap on the couch while Dad stays up all night.  It’s fun and I never miss any of the excitement by being closed up in the bedroom.  Phoebe still goes to bed with Mom though, so she doesn’t get lonely.

Today Dad went to town to get mail and a few groceries.  Guess what he brought us…..



Yep, It’s Cheeseburger Day!


Now it’s naptime with a belly full of cheeseburger.  Smile



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