Transmission Troubles

Well, today was an exciting day…not really in a good way.  It started off like any other day on Gate Guard duty. 

Then we had a cardinal pecking on our window.


Generally that would be fun, but Mom gets kind of freaked out about cardinals since she worked at the Hospice.  There used to be a cardinal that would show up and peck on one of the skylight windows before someone in the hospice made their transition.  All the staff knew about it and always pointed it out when the bird showed up.  Hopefully this one was just saying Hello.

Then Mom put me in the truck and we drove off.  I knew something was up, since Hannah didn’t come with us.  Sure enough, I got dropped off at the groomers for bath & haircut.  If anyone needs a haircut, Dog’s Day Out by Donna is in Pleasanton, TX and they’re really nice.


I think they did a good job…I smell good & got a free scarf.

Pretty Cute, Huh?


I could smell the cheeseburgers in the truck when Mom picked me up, but she said I had to wait till I got home, so Hannah & I could have our burgers together.

All was going well as we cruised down Hwy 16, then turned onto to our road.  All the sudden, the truck wouldn’t move.  Mom got out and looked…


See that red stuff?  It’s coming out of our truck…that’s not supposed to happen…it’s kind of like it bled to death ~ LOL! 

Of course the Verizon phone didn’t work and the AT&T phone was at home with Dad & Hannah.  A truck stopped and let Mom use his phone to call Dad.  One of the guys working on the site came to pick us up and took us home.  Two of our Gate Guard Supervisors came by and took Dad up to push the truck out of the way and wait for the tow truck. 

The tow truck took it to the GMC dealer in Pleasanton…it was definitely a rock that came through the front grill. The rock was still there when the tow truck came to pick it up. Texas roads are the worst for rocks and road hazards.  They ordered the new radiator…it’s a radiator for the transmission…and it’ll be in on Monday. The guy said if he replaces it and it runs, we’re good.  But there’s a possibility that the transmission seized up…which is gonna be a HUGE problem.  We won’t know until he replaces the radiator and tries to run it.  Mom called State Farm and filed a claim, hopefully insurance will cover the repairs and it’ll get fixed soon.  We’ll let you know how it turns out…keep your fingers, or paws, crossed for us.




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  1. Hey nana that really is bad love you and pheobe looks so cute in that scarf and haircut

  2. Hey Justin!

    Love You Too & Miss You! 🙂

  3. We don’t like to hear such terrible news. Dad explained that a seized up transmission is definitely not a good thing. So I hope that isn’t happening to you. Love that haircut but I’m sure glad I don’t have to have that done.

  4. Hi Scooter!

    Hannah doesn’t get to go to the beauty shop either…I have special hair ~ Ha Ha! Hope Skittlez is feeling better.

  5. What happend exactly and pheobe and Hannah I miss you so much also love y’all bye

  6. wanderingwendels

    Hello. David thinks Phoebe looks just like Romeo (our Schnauzer/Yorkie mix) after he’s had his summer trim. I went to Pearsall yesterday in the rental truck (ours is in the shop) and met a gravel truck on the road that threw rocks up on the windshield. Sounded like I was being shot at. Two nicks in the windshield. One bad one and one not so bad. YIKES!!! Penny

  7. We should meet Romeo someday!

    These Texas roads sure are hard on vehicles. Hope your truck repairs come out OK.

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