Rattlesnake Vaccines :(

It’s sunny and 83 degrees here in SW Texas today.  We’re still on guard duty here…


It’s already been a busy week for us.  Roger came over and babysat us (and the gate) yesterday, so Mom & Dad could go to Pleasanton for lunch and a little shopping.  They brought us home cheeseburgers for dinner!

Today Mom took us to the Vet for our first Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine.   We have to go back next month for our second shot.  If one of us gets bit, we still have to go to the hospital, but the vaccine gives us a little time to get to the vet and makes the treatment easier.  Our vet, Chaparral Veterinary Clinic, is available for Emergencies 24/7, but they’re 19 miles away. 

We had heard that another Gate Guard lost their dog this past weekend to a rattlesnake bite.  Apparently, the snake was under the RV stairs and bit the dog when he went out.  Our vet told us they were down by Cotulla and the poor dog died before they could get it to the vet. 

Mom & Dad put out more mothballs under the RV…some say it helps deter snakes & mice, others say it doesn’t do anything.  We figure it’s cheap and worth a try…Who cares if we look silly with mothballs under our house? 


Mom also declared the 50’ radius around the RV as a Snake-Free Zone ~ LOL!  So far it’s working, we haven’t seen any snakes around us, but the rig workers always stop and tell us about ones they see, so we know they are around here.  We’re not allowed to walk in tall grass and hunting is strictly forbidden  It’s a shame cause there’s all kinds of great smells out here we’d like to investigate.

The wildflowers are starting to bloom in the field across from us.





We just came back from a walk and I got to bark make these guys run…SO FUN ~ LOL!


We made up a bunch of candy bags to give out for St Patrick’s Day this Sunday.  It’s a shame we can’t pass out Reuben Sandwiches and Green Beer, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy the candy bags.  Hope everyone else has a safe and fun-filled St Patrick’s Day Weekend planned.


P.S. Phoebe hasn’t had any more seizures, Thank Goodness!


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  1. Mom and Dad keep a really close eye out for snakes even here in town. I’m sure out in the desert there would be a lot more snakes. Hope the shot didn’t hurt very much. And I’m so happy to hear that Phoebe didn’t have any more seizures. That’s great news.

  2. I’m at the spa this week and just got all my booster shots and worm tests. I have dirty ears but that’s because I won’t let Mom clean them. Watch out for snakes and keep your Mom & Dad safe!

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