Texas Birds and A Cat

It took a while for them to find the bird feeder we put up last month, but once they did it’s been pretty busy.  There was a waiting line the other day.


These guys marched through the other day, but didn’t stay long.


We had a crazy busy week with two days of over 230 trucks in & out.  With gravel being hauled in for a new pad and the rig moving out, it was pretty exciting around here.  We sat outside and watched for a while…well, I watched and Hannah napped.


Dad went to town and came home with a bigger bird feeder…this is a Texas-Sized Bird Buffett


We got a book on birds and are learning what some of them are. 

This little guy is a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher


This is a Male Brown-headed Cowbird


We don’t know what this is on the feeder…he’s not in our bird book.  Of course that’s a male cardinal in the tree.


We can’t find any black bird with yellow spots on their wings in our book of Texas Birds….maybe he’s from out of state.


While Dad was in town buying the new bird feeder, groceries, and our cheeseburger Smile…he managed to lock the keys in the truck.  Note to Locals – Pleasanton Police will not come open your locked truck, but they’ll give you the number of the local locksmith who is more than happy to come do it for $50.

So, last night, Jim one of the Chesapeake Security guys was here to make his rounds.  On his way out he stopped to tell Mom that he only saw one rattle snake, as opposed to the 3 he had seen last week when he was here.  He said you really need to get a couple cats to keep them away.  Of course, Mom laughed because she knew we didn’t want a cat. 

Less than 30 minutes after Jim drove off, Mom looks out the window and this is sitting in front of the RV!  Fortunately, it ran away when she took it’s pictures, ‘cause if we had seen it, we wouldn’t have gotten a wink of sleep.



Only 41 trucks in & out today…feels like we’re on vacation ~ LOL!  Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.  We’ll keep watching for interesting birds and get more pictures of them.




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  1. You had me really worried when I read CAT. They’d be alright wandering around outside getting rid of snakes but they’d better not come near you guys. That’s just not right. 250 trucks??? – I bet Mom and Dad didn’t have a chance to even sit down that day.

    My back is giving me trouble again. It’s a real pain to get old. But Mom and Dad are taking good care of me and Mom did share the computer.

  2. Hello Guys. Love your photos. Your roadrunners are back!

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