Easter Turkey…and other birds

So the turkeys have found our bird feeder!  There were 12 of them out there this morning


We got to go outside and bark at them, but we were on leashes, so we couldn’t chase them.  It was fun watching them run, but it would’ve been more fun to chase them.  Sometimes the boys are real showoffs displaying all their tail feathers




That blackbird we couldn’t identify in the last blog, is apparently a Red-Winged Blackbird.  I guess the red part of his wing just wasn’t showing.  They’ve been frequent visitors now that they’ve discovered the bird feeder.


Sometimes that red doesn’t show when they have their wings down.


Red-Winged Blackbirds


This little guy is a Golden-Fronted Woodpecker.  He’s been showing up pretty regularly too. 

Golden-fronted Woodpecker



Here’s a couple more of that Scissor-tailed Flycatcher


Here you can see the pink belly on him…We think this is a male because their tails are longer than females.


Of course, we have the ever present Roadrunner.  None as friendly as the one we had at our gate last year, but we have several that hang out here.


  Roger & Charlotte sent these pictures of Green Jays.  They have them over at their gate, but we haven’t seen any here.  They’re mostly found in Mexico & South America, but are found in South Texas too.

Green Jay

Green jays

The cactus are beginning to bloom



We made up Easter candy bags for the truck drivers today.



It’s been pretty slow so far, only 8 visitors.  You just never know how the traffic is going to be when you’re gate-guarding…we may be eating jelly beans all week ~ LOL! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.  We’re not having Turkey…Dad’s going to grill some burgers for our Easter Dinner. Smile



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  1. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

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