Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Company – New Location!

Things have been a whirlwind lately!  We left our gate after 5 & 1/2 months, on May 12th.  We left a muddy mess there, but we enjoyed our time there…except for the rough gravel road to get to it.



We went up to San Antonio and stayed at the KOA for a few days.  Mom had her Angiogram at the hospital on May 13th…that all turned out OK.  We enjoyed having the dog park to run and play in while we were there and grass to walk on.

We left San Antonio on Thursday and drove over to Houston.  Mom spent the weekend in a Yoga/Meditation Workshop and we hung out with Dad.  We stayed at the All Star RV Resort.  Lots of pretty grass and a dog wash station.  Of course, we got stuck getting baths!




But we had nice sidewalks & soft grass to walk around on while we dried…sure can’t do that when you’re gate guarding on a dusty road.



We left Houston on Monday and drove down to Corpus Christi for a couple days.  We stayed at the Naval Air Station RV Park.  There were burrs in the grass everywhere…which prompted Mom to try the boots again….and again it was a failure, they just won’t stay on our feet.



We were right next to the water, but there really wasn’t any beach.  We walked out on the pier and enjoyed the salt air.



On Wednesday we headed back North and spent two nights at a RV park in Poteet.  We went to San Antonio for a follow-up appointment Mom had on Thursday, and on Friday we moved to our new gate location with a new company!  We had 12 days off and spent most of it running around to appointments.  Now we’re back on a gate for the summer. 

Dad said he thought Mom was crazy when she talked to some Gate Guard companies and told them she wanted a gate in the Tilden/Pleasanton area and no more than 1 mile from a paved road…but Lo & Behold, that’s what we got! 

We kind of feel like we’re in Gate Guard Heaven here.  We’re less than 2 miles from the town of Tilden, and parked right next to the highway.  There’s not much in Tilden…2 gas stations, a small Post Office, & Max’s Café.  Pleasanton is about 35 miles away and they have the Super-Walmart and HEB grocery.   We even have an asphalt driveway, so we don’t have to walk in mud right in front of the door.  It’s SUPER BUSY, compared to the gate we were on for the winter, but we’re really happy with the company & location.


So, we plan to stay here for at least 4 months.  We may take another vacation in September.  We’ll keep you updated on how we’re doing in the heat of the summer down here…so far it’s not bad.