Time To Start Packing Up

We’ve been neglecting our updates on the blog.  We had a draft saved, in the program we use to write drafts, and it disappeared, so we’re starting over.  Sad smile

Things have been pretty normal around here.  The turkeys are still here almost every day, except on weekends when the hunters show up ~ LOL!



It’s gotten warm enough for outside baths.


and sitting in the sun to dry


I did have to go to town for a real haircut one day.


A couple weeks ago we got swarmed by birds that must have been migrating.  They were crazy, flying into the side of the RV and covering the ground.  They were only here that one evening, so they must have moved on.  It was kind of freaky.






We discovered the Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers are living in the telephone pole next to us


We have some very cool Nighthawks that visit us in the evening, but they’re too fast to get a good picture of.  This is a picture we got off the internet.  Those stripes under the wings really shine at night.  They are called Common Nighthawks.

This week we’re starting to pack things up, and will be pulling out of here on Sunday.  We’re going up to San Antonio for a few days.  The cardiologist wants to do an angiogram to check out Mom’s ticker.  Once that’s done, we’re heading to Houston for a few days, then down to Corpus Christi for a couple days of beach time before we come back to work for the summer.  Yes, we’ve decided to stay in Texas for a summer.  We prefer Gate Guarding over seasonal campground work.  We may still do some short campground workamping in the future, but probably not a full summer season for a while.

We got our two shots of rattlesnake vaccines last month.  They said we’ll still have to go to the hospital if we get bit, but we have a better chance of survival.  We’ve been lucky, haven’t seen a live snake yet.  Smile

We’ll give you updates on our mini-vacation next week.



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  1. Smart doggies to write such a good blog!

  2. So did ya feel like you were in that movie, The Birds? Hope all goes well with your Mom’s ticker. My Dad’s doing really good but one more visit with his heart doc before we can head north on the 23rd. I’m having fun chasing rabbits around the RV park because there isn’t hardly anybody left here. Skitz just likes to sit in the house as usual. You guys must really like that gate guarding work. I must admit, I think that would be better than dealing with week-end type warrior campers.

    • The birds were crazy! I wish we were there to help you chase rabbits. We get kind of spoiled when we gate guard, ’cause we’re never alone. It’s much more fun than sitting home alone while they go off to work.

      Glad your Dad is doing good, bet you’re looking forward to heading up North for a cooler summer. Stay in touch. 🙂

  3. Y’all have fun on vacation! Take care of your Mom.

  4. We loved those nighthawks when we were gate guarding in Cotulla. Beautiful and graceful.

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