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Baby Roadrunners

Yesterday we drove over to visit Penny & Bob and see the roadrunner nest.  Bob & Penny are  gate guards about 10 miles from us.  They had a roadrunner start building her nest in the engine compartment of their motorhome.  They pulled it out and threw it away three times, but once she laid the first egg, they decided to leave it alone and see what happened.  The Mom laid 5 eggs but only 3 hatched.

Here’s Mom sitting on the nest when we got there.


She took off to hunt for snacks and we got to see the babies.



She kept a close eye on us.




On Friday we went to Chaparral Veterinary Center for our annual check up & shots.  We stopped to get a picture of the Texas Longhorn on the way.  Mom tried to make him look up at us, but he wasn’t interested.


Here’s me getting my exam….


and my blood test.  I was so good, I didn’t even cry.


Phoebe was a different story, she screamed like a baby and even tried to bite the girl that was holding her.




We really like Chaparral Veterinary Center, but Mom says they are A LOT more expensive than any other vet we’ve gone to.

Then we went to lunch!  Mom & Dad stopped at McDonalds and got us a cheeseburger, then we went to Spork In The Road for their lunch.  Spork in the Road is owned by Matt Martinez, who has competed on the Food Network show “Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell” and he’s currently in the final stages of casting for a “Hell’s Kitchen” episode.   Mom had Fish Tacos, Dad had Chicken Tacos and they shared a serving of the Ultimate Mac & Cheese.  Great food with Matt’s gourmet touch, right here in Pleasanton. You can follow the Facebook page to keep up on how Matt does in the casting for Hell’s Kitchen.  Spork In The Road



It’s still nice & warm down here…103 right now.

Stay Cool!