Independence Day!

July 4th as a Gate Guard never includes Fireworks…or Beer…and we didn’t have a Cookout or Watermelon. 

We did however, get to watch a Painted Bunting, gaining it’s independence, by getting flight lessons.





They really are gorgeous birds


It was really hot last week…108 one day, but this week it’s cooled off, with highs only in the mid 90’s ~ LOL!   We still have beautiful sunsets.

 012 (2)

They brought in a new John Deere tractor, to work on another frac pond.


Look how big these tires are!



It drags these big yellow machines behind it, to scrape up the dirt. 


We put up a canopy between our RV and the Guard Shack.  It works out good, especially for days when it’s raining.  This place is normally too busy to run in and out of the RV or for the other guard to run in & out of the guard shack, so this works well.  So far, it’s holding up to the winds.


In the afternoon, we hang a sunscreen material on the west side to block the sun.


We spend most of our time inside, where it’s cool.  We go to the dump in Tilden occasionally, and we get cheeseburgers once in a while.  Hannah’s getting fat and lazy, but we really like this location.  Mom & Dad stay in touch with a lot of the other gate guards and Mom goes to lunch with a group of the other ladies at least once a month.  It’s nice for them to have more of a social network this year.

Hope everyone had a Great Fourth of July!



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  1. Sure glad it cooled down for you. Yikes 108 is hot. We have fireworks going on all around us tonight but Skittlez isn’t happy about it at all. She gets really scared. I just bark once in awhile to let them know I’m really the boss. Sure hope your Mom brings you somethnig special after she goes to her luncheon.

  2. Bonnie Stearns

    Hahaha…..I’m getting a kick out of Phoebe picking on Hannah’s laziness and weight. I’m glad to see that you are all setting in. Did you get the repairs taken care of from last week?

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