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We Have A New Sister!

Meet Lucy!


We got a new baby sister yesterday! Lucy’s a rescue that another gate guard was trying to find a home for.  She’s about one year old and supposedly a poodle-yorkie mix. She’s a tiny little thing, less than 5 pounds and really skinny with long legs.  She came with the name Lucy

The story we were told about Lucy is that her 1st owner moved and could not take her. They gave her to a friend. The friend had 2 great Danes and a 2 year daughter, that would try to play and were too rough and hurt her.  The lady was also due to have a new baby in a few weeks and decided she couldn’t handle Lucy too, so they were at Walmart giving her away.  Pat…who cannot resist a dog in need…saw them and told the lady she would take Lucy and try to find a home for her.  Pat put the word out to other gate guards and we decided to go look at her…after all she’s part terrier and obviously has done some Travelin…sounds like we’re at least her 4th home in her short life.  We went over to see her Tuesday morning.  We visited outside and since no one tried to kill anyone else….we brought her home.


Lucy settled in like she was ready to take over.


She claimed the recliner as her nap spot


Right now she still looks like a homeless orphan with a rope for a leash.  Next time we go to town, we’ll get her a proper leash.  Hannah isn’t as patient with Lucy as I am…and Lucy seems to know this…so she likes picking on Hannah until Hannah barks at her.  She got a real Bark-Fest going last night with all three of us running around the room barking.  Lucy throws in a little howl on the end of her barks sometimes too, which is cute.


Lucy has a microchip tag, so we called the company to see if we could get any information on her.  Her chip number was never registered, but they told me that chip came from the San Antonio Animal Control.  We called San Antonio Animal Control and found out that Lucy entered their shelter on June 18, 2013.  She got a whole body shave, because she was matted and dirty.  She had Heartworm test (Negative) on June 19th and was put on preventative.  On June 23 she was spayed and had her rabies shot.  So, at least we got a little bit of info on her and she has had some vet care.

Her only issue so far is that she apparently was never leash trained, so she isn’t good about going potty when she’s out on a leash.  We’re working with her to get her trained.  Lucy can relax now, she’s finally found her forever home and she’s officially a Travelin Terrier!  Smile