Monthly Archives: September 2013

Never A Dull Moment Here..

Lucy’s been here almost six weeks and things sure are livelier around here with a new puppy.  She may look innocent, but don’t let looks fool you…


It’s kind of like having a Personal Trainer…she bites us and runs to make us play chase with her.  She never seems to run out of energy.  She’s getting better about her potty habits, but Mom makes her wear pants in the house.  She started out with doggy diapers



She got upgraded to pants, since they’re cheaper and reusable.  She never really has accidents in the diapers, they’re mostly to remind her not to go in the house.


She went to the Vet and got a check up and her first Rattlesnake vaccine


We had noticed a green dot on her belly.  The vet said it’s a tattoo to show that she’s been spayed


It’s a pretty sorry excuse for a tattoo.  Our brother-in-law is an awesome tattoo artist, so we know what a tattoo is supposed to look like. 

Anyway, we’re getting used to having a puppy around and we love her.  So far the only stupid puppy thing she did was eat Mom’s laptop power supply cord, fortunately she managed to unplug it before she chewed through it.

We had to pose for a new “Official Photo”…


We finally settled for the one at the top of the page. 

Things on our gate are settling down again.  We were crazy busy with two separate frac crews in here for 3 weeks.  Now we’re sort of back to the normal business…still busy but not insane.  We’ve had a few rattle snakes show up here lately.  Dad killed this one last month, this is after Cameron cut off it’s head & rattles.  Mom killed a little one under the RV a couple weeks ago with the shovel too…she didn’t take any pictures of that one.


We plan to stay on this gate through the winter, if it works out.  There’s a lot of competition for gates lately.  Exco bought out Chesapeake assets in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville shale formations for about $1 billion, in July.  We’re seeing a lot of Chesapeake gates closing, and some of the Gate Guard companies that work primarily for Chesapeake, have more guards than they can employ already.  If there’s the usually influx of Winter Texans looking for gate guard jobs this winter, they could be disappointed.  We’re going to try to stay here until spring, this gate should be here for a while, and we’re not working on a Chesapeake site.

We’ll write again soon….