October Happenings

We started off October with a short road trip…

We got a relief couple to work our gate, and we took off to Galveston for the weekend.  Lucy got to ride up front.


and she had her first cheeseburger experience.


East Texas is great cause they have lots of green grass.


We went to visit BoneVoyage Pet Resort, where we’ll stay in December when Mom & Dad go on a cruise.


It’s really nice inside & all the rooms have windows, so we can keep an eye on our staff.


This is what our room will look like.


and it has a door out to our private yard


There’s also a big outside yard for playtime


We went for a walk on the beach





Mom got to do a little shopping while we played




We had one last opportunity to play in grass at a rest stop



The rest of Oct went along pretty much like normal.  Mom’s been baking cupcakes for one of the rig crews.


We didn’t eat any cupcakes, but Hannah still got put on an exercise program.  They started walking around the big Frac Pond in the afternoon.  Kind of like going to the park and walking around a lake.  The weather has cooled off into the 80’s during the days now, so walks are nice now.  It’s about 3/4 of a mile from the RV and all the way around the pond and back to the house.  I go sometimes, but my shoulder bothers me some and I can’t walk like I used to.


We’re all ready for Halloween tomorrow.  We made up 100 of these little candy bundles to give out to the trucks.


There’s about 40 black bags with a few more treats in them, they’re for the special guys.


We still have over 200 trucks a day, so we won’t start giving out treats until late afternoon.

Hope you all have a Great Halloween!


P.S.  Lucy got things all figured out now and doesn’t have to wear diapers in the house.  She’s a pretty smart kid, just needed to be taught the rules.  Smile


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  1. Soffie and Gracie

    Hooray for Lucy! We knew a little training would get her out of those pants. The Resort where you will stay in December, looks nice. Hope you have fun and not miss home too much. Did you get Halloween Treats? Those were some spooky looking bags for the truckers.
    Keep sending pictures!

    • travelinterriers

      I think Lucy misses her pants, sometimes she finds them and carries them around the house. Her new thing is lip balm, she’s chewed up two tubes this week ~ LOL! Obviously our house is not Lucy Proofed.

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