Monthly Archives: December 2013

Merry Christmas

We just got back to the gate last Sunday…We left here on Dec 14 for a little vacation. 

We rode down to Galveston and spent the night in a Motel.


The next morning Mom & Dad left on a cruise and we got to stay at Bonevoyage Pet Resort in Galveston while they were gone.  We were sad to see them leave…





We had a great time though.  We got to go out and run loose in the big yard for playtime, Is was great to have a big grassy yard, with no stickers to step on.  I even learned to play nice with others. 

Mom and Dad got back on Dec 22nd and we were so excited to see them.  We all piled into the front seat of the truck.


We went to breakfast then Phoebe & I crawled in the back seat & settled down for the long ride back to Tilden, TX


Lucy still likes to sleep in the console


Or help Dad drive



We got home a little after 3:00pm, and of course we had to go straight to work.  Cameron and his brother stayed in our RV and worked the gate while we were gone.

Mom unpacked and started getting ready for Christmas. 

We had decorated before we left.


Mom made cookies and stuffed candy bags, to hand out on Christmas Day.  Our Drill Rig crew changes out, to the next two-week shift on Christmas Day, so we’ll have them coming & going.





Christmas Eve we handed out candy canes to everyone.


It’s been a great year and we feel very lucky to have had a great job this year. 

Wishing you all a Very Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful 2014.