How Cold Is It?????


It’s so cold that Lucy wears her sweater just to look out the window!


No, that’s not snow outside, but it feels cold enough to snow.  This is the coldest weather we’ve had in the three winters we’ve spent down here working as Gate Guards.  January had 23 days of below average lows and 7 days where it was below freezing.  Today the high is 34 degrees and it’s raining just enough to make everything a muddy mess.  We had an asphalt driveway, but the last time they brought dirt to fill in the ruts on the side, they spread it all over the asphalt too, so we have mud.

We have to be carried to our “Potty Spot” across the road when it’s wet. 


It’s embarrassing, but that caliche, they use on the roads here, is a natural cement and when it gets matted in your paw fur, it’s a mess.

Lucy spends most of her time indoors playing ball.  She’ll play fetch for hours, if she has someone to keep throwing the ball.  She brings it back and throws it at you or lays it on the floor and rolls it to you with her nose.



We spend most of our days laying on the couch


and Hannah’s always been a couch potato


On the days when it’s nice, we take a walk around the frac pond.  It’s kind of the Gate Guard version of going to the park and walking around a lake.  It’s 1/2 mile around and it’s nice and smooth, with no stickers and no grass for snakes to hide it.


Mom went to the Gate Guard luncheon again last week.  There are lunches at least once a month in Pleasanton and down in Cotulla.  It’s a nice chance for some much needed social time. 

I hope everyone is staying warm…I know we’re not near as cold as the rest of the country, but it’s sure unusual for South Texas.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing signs of Spring real soon.



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  1. And I was complaining to Mom and Dad that I thought it was too cold here. Nothing like you guys have and next week it’s warming up so Skitz and I can lay on the hot rocks outside. I can hardly wait. Phoebe – you need to play with Lucy more and wear her out.

    • I do play chase with her sometimes. We run from one end of the RV to the other and she runs underneath me and jumps over me! Hannah just lays on the couch and watches us LOL! It’s supposed to get up in the 60’s here tomorrow and 75 on Sunday, I can’t wait, I’m getting cabin fever. Have fun in the Sun! 🙂

  2. I wish you girls were here to play with me. It is a sunny, pretty day. We miss Sweet Soffie at our home. She was past fourteen years old and had a lot of health problems and went to her peace on January 10th. She was full of spirit but her body gave out. It is very quiet without her big, loud voice telling everyone when she wanted to eat of have a snack or just wanted to talk and be heard.
    I hope you can come to see me before too much longer and let me meet Lucy.

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