It Finally Warmed Up!

I think winter may finally be over down here…I hope so anyway.  Here’s today’s temp & forecast.


We had a pretty good week.  Cameron rescued some puppies, that his neighbor had left outside in the freezing temps we had last week.  He brought them to work so we could meet them.  He’s keeping the little brown & white female and found homes for the two gray males.



Even little Lucy looks big next to these guys.


The bad news this week is that Cameron got released from our gate.  We kind of figured it would happen soon.  We’ve gone from 5 Drill Rigs down to one, and it should be finishing and moving out soon too.  Traffic has slowed to around 200 vehicles a day, and that isn’t enough to justify an extra Gate Guard.  So, we’re back to the normal Gate Guard schedule of 24/7.  It sure was nice having the extra help, through the heat of the summer, with all the traffic we had.

Today Mom took us all to Pleasanton to see the Mobile Vet that comes to Tractor Supply on the 3rd Saturday of each month.   Our Vet at Chaparral  refused to provide our Heartworm prescription to 1-800-PetMeds, because they want us to buy from them, at their marked up prices.  After the Annual shots and checkup at $210 each, we decided to save money and get new prescriptions and medication from the mobile vet.

This vet Penny Paws sets up all over Texas on Saturdays and we got Heartworm tests for $25 each and a year supply of medication for $35.  It was easy too…they set up in the parking lot, so we could just park and go one at a time to get our tests.  It only took about 10 minutes for test results.


We got to stop for a cheeseburger, to recover from the trauma of the blood test, then we came home and took a nap. 

HellFighter’s Kitchen catered dinner to our Drill Rig and dropped off plates for us.  They’re one of the best caterers in this area, and almost always take good care of the Gate Guards.  Fried fish, spicy boiled shrimp, boudin, dirty rice, green beans, salad, bread, and chocolate chip cookies.  All too spicy for us, but Mom & Dad sure enjoyed it.


So, as the sun sets over the Frac Pond…..


Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend!



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  1. I cannot believe that someone would leave those puppies out in the cold to freeze to death. Aren’t we so lucky to have a Mom and Dad who love us so much. Sure glad they found homes. We used to go to a vet here in Apache Junction that charges so much money. Now we only go to them in an emergency. Mom and Dad take us to our vet in Montana and it doesn’t cost them near as much money. They also let them have the prescription so they can order from Pet Meds. Mom told Skittlez today that we were expensive and I think that means that we are really special. We had to have our nails trimmed a couple of days ago and Mom felt so bad for us she had Dad stop at DQ so we could have a vanilla ice cream treat.

  2. Missed the last luncheon in Pleasanton. When & where will the next one be? Would like to come. Lynn Brashears please send me an email or call at 423-967-6444. I’m on 72 halfway between Tilden & Fowlerton. So glad homes were found for the puppies. I’ve been without a dog for 2 years now, really miss having one, but too lazy to train a puppy! Tom, my husband isn’t ready for another dog, let alone a puppy.

  3. Carrizo Springs is 80 some miles one way from us. Are you going to that one? Appreciate you letting me know about the next Pleasanton luncheon. Will try again to make it.

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