Monthly Archives: April 2014

Happy Easter!

The clock is clicking down on our time here at this gate.  We’ll be leaving on May 1st, for a much needed break.  We plan to travel up to Hondo, TX, to meet up with friends for a couple days.  Then we’ll head West to AZ, with planned visits in Tucson & Phoenix.  After that we’ll go to Las Vegas, where Justin (the grandkid) will be flying in to spend a few days.  Then we plan to spend some time in Utah exploring the canyon areas and National Parks, before heading back to Texas, through New Mexico.

We’ve been on this same gate since last May 24th, so we’ll be leaving just 3 weeks shy of a year here.  We’ve enjoyed this gate, but it’s been a busy one and the winter was colder & wetter than than we like.  The Gate Guard community has grown and bonded a lot more this past winter.  Mom meets with many of the other ladies at least once a month  in Pleasanton.  There are other groups that meet in Cotulla and over in the Yorktown area.  Dad even met up with a few of the other Gate Guarding guys and had lunch at Max’s cafe in Tilden last week.   It makes the challenges of this job easier handle, when you have other friends doing the same thing.

We have treats ready to give out for Easter.  Mom found directions for these Bunny Candy Bottles on Pinterest and they seemed perfect for the truck drivers.



We also have bags with jelly beans and bubble gum.


and bags of chocolate chip cookies.


We no longer have any drill rigs on site, the last one moved out in March, then we had a crew move in to Frac two pads….March was a very busy month.  Now we just have two Flowback crews living & working on the two pads that were Fraced  and a Workover rig moved in for a few days to do some work on one of the other wells.

Not much other news.  Most of the time we just hang out…looking like perfectly behaved dogs ~ Ha Ha!



Lucy’s not as innocent as she looks.  She’s usually picking on me or Hannah, trying to get us to chase her, but she’s fun & we love her.  Hannah likes her better, but there’s still some jealousy between them and Hannah does lose her patience sometimes.

We don’t get much interesting wildlife on this gate, because we’re so close to the highway, but this guy has been visiting the last couple days. 

This is a Crested Caracara, also known as a Mexican Eagle.


and a Horned Lizard ran through the other day.  I would have had him for lunch, if I could have caught him. 

002 006

and we’ve had an Armadillo wander by the last two evenings.


Well that’s about all the news.  We’ll be sure to give you updates and pictures on our vacation travel next month, we’re so excited!