Waiting for a Gate Assignment…

We got back to Texas the first weekend of June.  Spent a couple nights at Admiralty RV Resort in San Antonio.  Mom & Dad met up with some of their Gate Guard friends, who were heading out for a vacation from their gate.  They all went out to dinner and visited, then we moved down to Pleasanton.  We picked up mail that had been on hold and did some shopping.  I had to go to the groomers for a haircut.  I got cute little pink bows, but they never last long…Lucy pulled one out as soon as I got home.


On Wednesday, June 11th, we moved down to Tilden to a RV Park that our company has a couple spots for people waiting on a gate.  There are a lot of companies hiring gate guards right now, since the Winter Texans have mostly headed back North for cooler summers, but we’re hoping to stay with this company…so we’re going to wait a little while for a gate assignment. 

Some of the Oil Companies are starting to require Gate Guards to work out of Guard Shacks, instead of their RV’s.  Not sure if they think it’s more professional, or if they had problems with Gate Guards that get too comfortable in their home and don’t respond quickly enough, or if there’s some other reason…regardless, it’s becoming a new trend down here.   The Guard Shack is nice…Air Conditioned, Refrigerator, Table & Chairs, Tinted Windows and you get your own Porta Potty.  They have cameras inside & out.


One of the couples in the RV park, also work for our company and have been working a Guard Shack, down the road, for the past week.  They are providing 24 hour coverage, 12 hour shifts each.  Basically, they only see each other when they change shifts.  The pay is good…around double what you make on a 24 hour gate, working out of your RV, but it’s not much of a life.  Anyway, this couple was about worn out and needing relief, so Mom & Dad agreed to work the 6:00pm – 6:00am shift with them, until a gate is available for us.  Since Mom’s pretty picky about location of a gate, we may have to wait a little longer than some.   Night shift started Thursday night.  The Guard Shack is only 3 miles from the RV park, so Mom came home a couple times, while Dad worked the shack, and took us out for a walk and got coffee to take back.  They got home at a little after 6:00 am and we all slept till 10:30.  Most of the day was spent getting food and snacks ready to take back to work the next night. 

The thing about Gate Guard couples is, they generally like being together and like being at home…that’s why they work as Gate Guards  Also, in a regular gate guard job, there’s always someone at home with us.  This kind of work doesn’t fit into that.  Only one person is required to work the shift at the shack, but Mom doesn’t want to be out there alone at night, so they decided to work it together.  It’s not the ideal working situation, but it’s money coming in while we wait for a good gate location, so we’re trying to bear with it.

Today was the third Saturday of the month, so Penny Paws Mobile Vet Clinic was in Pleasanton, and we were all due our annual shots and Rattlesnake Vaccine.  Mom & Dad got a couple hours sleep after work, then we all took off for Pleasanton.  They set up in the Tractor Supply parking lot.  We had been to see them a few months ago for Heartworm Tests.  It’s pretty popular since the vet clinics are so expensive around here.  Last Year Chaparral Veterinary Center charged $210 each for Hannah and I to have our annual check up & shots!  Today was $49 for Rabies, DHPPv & Bordetella shots & $25 for the Rattlesnake shot, so $74 each!  They’re all very nice!



It’s almost like a drive-thru for the big dogs, they just walk out and give them shots in the bed of the truck.

IMG_1892We go one at a time to the table.  Hannah’s the bravest

IMG_1894 I just Grin & Bear It

IMG_1899 Lucy’s the Wiggle Worm they have to catch on the move


Of course, we got a cheeseburger, for our suffering.  We went home for a quick nap, then Mom & Dad took off for work again…sure hope this doesn’t last long.


We’ll let you know when we get a real gate, keep your fingers crossed it’s a good one. 



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  1. Connie LaBarr

    So cute.. Nice pets!

  2. Phoebe looks so pretty with her hair cut and pink bows. I know all of you are glad those awful shots are over! Hope your family gets a better schedule real soon.

  3. Wow, I wouldn’t like that kind of schedule in the guard shack at all. I like having somebody home with me all the time. Sure hope something works out for you guys so you can all get settled down into a good routine again. Guess you need to be super good and not complain cause that’ll make Mom and Dad feel bad. Paws crossed for you.

  4. It’s been 3 years since we were on a gate… Love hearing about your adventures.

  5. Henry has put a nix on the Guard Shack. Too lonely, he says. He does need his shots. Are they in Pleasanton the 3rd Saturday of every month? About those cheeseburgers… well earned, girls! 😀

  6. Yes, it’s lonely at home alone, glad this is temporary. Penny Paws is set up in the Tractor Supply parking lot, down on the street end, the 3rd Sat of every month, 10am – 4pm. 🙂

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