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Summer in Fowlerton, Texas

We’ve been at this gate almost 3 weeks and we’re really enjoying it.  It’s a big change for us…being a construction site, we almost never have any night traffic, after the crew leaves around 5:00pm.  Weekends are very only a couple guys came in to do some work.  Usually if the bell rings at night, it’s someone lost and looking for another location.  We keep the same schedule even though there’s no traffic.  Dad stays up all night and watches TV, and we sleep with Mom.  It’s still considered a 24 hour gate, and we’re paid for 24 hours, so someone is on duty 24 hours.


We might be getting lazy


Our Guard Shack was delivered a few days after we moved here.  We don’t have to work out of it, since we have our RV here, but it does come in handy during high traffic times.  It’s equipped with 6 surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the site, and also has the Wi-Fi connections for the iPad we use to log in traffic.  iPad logging takes longer than writing on a paper log…the driver’s name has to be typed in and a picture has to be taken of the vehicle license plate…but it eliminates the boxes of paper logs and all the information is stored electronically with the videos from the cameras.  The clients have access to all of it from their offices, iPads, or Smartphones.  It’s much more efficient than just having a gate guard, but it’s different…things are changing in the oilfield.  Another thing new lately, is several oil companies are not allowing gate guards with dogs…can you imagine??? 


They put up a fence and gates.  We never close the gate where we are parked, but we close the one at the other end every night, and open it before they start coming to work in the morning. 


It’s 1/4 mile down from us.


We have a little bit of wildlife.  These rabbits may have a nest under the Frac Tanks, we see them come and go from there. 


We have some Scissor-Tail Flycatchers


and a pair of Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers that come to eat the bugs around the security lights



and we had one Rattlesnake visit…but Dad smashed his head with the shovel


We got rain the week before last…which created a muddy mess


This is looking out the door…Mud Boots were definitely required for a few days.


After it dried up, they graded out the mud ruts and laid a nice layer of gravel in front of our door.


We could use a little more rain.  This is the dust storm we had this week.



It’s been 100+ degrees every day for the past couple weeks, and according to the weather channel that’s going to last for the foreseeable future.  Guess that’s why all the Gate Guard companies are advertising for guards…there’s plenty of work in the summer down here.  It’s not too bad though. We stay inside most of the time.  We go out in the morning when it’s cool and have a little walk around, then just make quick runs out for potty breaks a couple times during the day.  We did get to ride with Dad to the trash dump in Tilden yesterday, that was our first ride since we moved here.

That’s about all the news…