Finally Settled At Our New Gate

Mom & Dad worked 12 night shifts in the Guard Shack, before the company found a replacement to take over.  We’re all really glad that ended.  They finished up on July 1st, so this week was a pretty slow week.

July 4th we all drove up to New Braunfels to visit Ann, Sue & Callie.  We were all workampers together in Bar Harbor, Maine two years ago.  It was great to visit and get to run and play in the yard.


Phoebe & Lucy did a lot of running



I mostly just enjoyed walking around in the soft grass.


Callie had a bad experience with tomatoes this summer.  She snuck in the garden and ate a bunch of almost ripe tomatoes and accidently poisoned herself.  Who knew tomatoes could be toxic to dogs?  They found her laying in the garden sick, she was rushed to the vet and spent a couple days there with IV’s and lots of tests.  Thank goodness she’s all better now.


The big excitement around Tilden is the new Pilot Travel Center being built.  We think it’s supposed to open next month.  With Wheelers Mercantile & the Valero Station, as the only place for gas and fast food, it gets pretty crowded.  Some weekdays you can’t even get into the Valero parking lot.



So, right across the street will be the new Pilot Travel Center…with PJ Fresh Marketplace, Subway & Cinnabon.



Today we moved to our new gate assignment.  This time we’re in Fowlerton, at a tank battery construction site.  We’re happy to be right on the highway again, with no terrible gravel roads to travel.  We’re about 45 miles from Pleasanton, about 20 miles from Tilden and about 30 miles from Cotulla.  It looks like all our traffic will be during the day while construction is going on, and night time will just be security watch.  The only problem we see, so far, is that there are two entrances.  So, if the drivers don’t want to be stopped to sign in, they’ll just go to the other entrance.  Maybe they’ll figure out what to do about that this week.  The construction foreman didn’t even know we were coming until we showed up today…all the arrangements were done out of the San Antonio office and they didn’t bother to tell the guy on site ~ LOL!

Three trucks with trailers of equipment and 4 guys all followed us here, and set us up with water, generator, and sewer tanks. After they left we set up the Direct TV Dish. We didn’t have much phone signal when we arrived, but once we got the antenna and signal booster hooked up, we were OK.  So, we’re ready for business and finally earning a living again.

It’s a big facility, we can’t even see where it ends on the other side.





So, we’ll let you know how things go here.  Lucy & I went to bed with Dad, for our evening nap…gotta get back on the 24 hour coverage schedule.




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  1. That’s really scary about the tomatoes. I’m going to tell Mom about that so she won’t let us near any of those red things. But I’d better keep the cinnabon thing a secret from her because she loves them. Glad you’re back to work. I’m doing a good job at keeping squirrels and rabbits away from our lot.

  2. Gracie and Cleo

    It looks like a great time in your friend’s pretty yard. Poor Callie! Glad she is o.k. We have not heard of tomato poisoning. The new job site sounds big and interesting. We hope your Mom and Dad like it. My new sister, Cleo,
    is anxious to meet you. She is a very tiny (and bossy) Jack Russell.

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