Monthly Archives: August 2014

Lucy’s Rescuversary

One year ago today, I was rescued by the Travelin Terriers Family!

This is a picture the day they brought me home. 


Another Gate Guard, Pat, found me at Walmart when one of my temporary families was giving me away.  Pat took me and told them she would find me a good home.  Pat put out the word to her other Gate Guard friends and the Travelin Terriers came to meet me.  There weren’t any fights, so they took me home.


It’s been a great year here.  Phoebe’s Queen of the House and she keeps me in line.  She only gets mad if I jump over her when I’m chasing my ball.


Hannah can be a grouch, but we love each other…I just had to learn not to wake her up when she’s sleeping.  Hannah takes her naps very seriously.


It’s been hot and dusty and dry here.  We spend most of the day indoors, where it’s cool.  We enjoy short walks in the morning & evening.  I make Phoebe & Hannah play chase with me in the RV, to get exercise.  I just bite their ears or tail & run, so they’ll chase me.  We wrestle on the couch too.


We don’t have caliche, which packs down like concrete….here it’s just dirt, that blows all the time.  It’s the dustiest gate we’ve had.



Mom went to Pleasanton yesterday, for lunch with some other Gate Guard ladies, and brought us home cheeseburgers for dinner to celebrate my Rescuversary.

They’re making progress on the construction here.  Still working on priming & painting the big tanks.


We’re not sure how long this gate will last….just taking it one day at a time out here.

Look how much I’ve changed in a year.  I gained a couple pounds and my hair grew.  Mom still trims my hair, cause it’s pretty wild.