Finished One Job & Started Another

We were released from our job @ Fowlerton Oil Terminal on Friday, Nov 14.  We knew it was coming soon, the construction was completed and they were just doing some final touches. 

We got notified at 9:30 am and drove away at 1:00 pm…not bad!  We went to the company RV park for a couple nights, to catch up on sleep and get back on a regular schedule.  Then Sunday we drove over to Houston for a few days.

We stopped for Lunch at Whataburger, on the way


We got to Houston Sunday afternoon and checked in at Traders Village RV Park.  They have a huge Flea Market there on weekends, but it was closed when we arrived.  It’s a nice RV park, with very soft green grass in the dog walk area.  Lucy still doesn’t understand grass, since she’s lived her whole life in west Texas, where there basically isn’t any real grass.

We stayed home alone a couple times, which is weird for us.  When we’re on a gate job, there’s always someone home with us, cause there’s always someone working.  It’s strange when we’re on break and we get left alone for a couple hours.  Mom & Dad enjoyed eating out and exploring the stores.  They also went looking for motorhomes, but didn’t find anything they liked. 

Their friend Dawn told them about this great International Market, so they went to explore that.  Phoenicia is filled with Middle Eastern foods, a huge bakery, with a conveyor belt of pita breads coming out of the oven and running through the middle of the store, down to the bakery section where they’re bagged and placed on the shelf, still warm, and Halal meats at about 1/3 the price of meats at Whole Foods.  Mom filled up the freezers.


We got to go to town to have lunch at St John’s Fire Food Truck.  We’ve seen them featured on the Food Network show Eat St.





We sampled the Pulled Pork Sandwich


and the Deep Fried Crawfish & Mac & Cheese Balls

IMG_2199OMG, it was so good!



The Shrimp & Crawfish Cajun Eggrolls & Gumbo were too spicy for us to taste.





There was a tree next to the food truck that was full of umbrellas.


It was in the Downtown “Art District” so we’re guessing that’s someone’s idea of art ~ Ha Ha!

Mom & Dad visited another Gate Guard, whose in the big MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Then their friend Dawn came over to visit us on Thursday evening.  Mom and Dawn talked about healthy foods & fermenting.  Dawn brought chocolate chia pudding, but we can’t have chocolate.  While Dawn was visiting, we got a phone call from our Gate Guard company, at 9:00 pm ….they have a gate opening near Pleasanton and need someone tomorrow morning!  Mom & Dad discussed it and decided we’d take it.  We were planning on going up to Livingston for a few days, but ended up packing and heading back to the oilpatch first thing Friday morning.  Houston was fun, but this job sounded like a good location, so we didn’t want to pass it up.

We arrived at our new location around 1:00 and the crew was there to set us up




This site has an actual gate and it has to be kept closed at all times, because of the livestock.  The landowner came by and said he has Longhorns & Black Buck Deer.  We haven’t seen them yet, but we’ll get pictures as soon as we can.



Home Sweet Home  🙂 IMG_2229

Lucy’s Rescue Foster Mom is on a gate just 2 miles down the road from us, and she came to visit today.  She found Lucy at Walmart last year, when someone was giving her away, and told them she would find her a home….that’s how we got her.  Lucy was so excited to see her.  Hannah acted like a grouchy fool and got put in time out in the bedroom.


The drill rig started moving in today and should finish tomorrow.  It’ll be nice to be back on a drilling site after being on a construction site for the past 4 months.  Of course, we’ll have a lot more night traffic here than we had on the last gate, but it’s all good.


On a sad note…Our friend Callie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Nov 15th.  We met Callie when we worked up in Bar Harbor Maine and have visited them at their home in New Braunfels.  Callie was the sweetest, most easy going dog we’ve ever known.  Callie didn’t even mind or pay attention to Hannah’s crazy barking.  We’re heartbroken and know that Ann & Sue are too.

Rest in Peace Sweet Callie…We’ll Play Together Again, On The Other Side





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  1. It was so good to read your blog again. I retired a year and half ago from Mgr. at a RV Park in South Texas and enjoyed your reading so much. Blessings to you.

    Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 04:29:43 +0000 To:

  2. Hope you enjoy the new location with cattle and deer to watch.
    We are so sorry to learn about your friend Callie. We remember hearing how sweet she was on your past blogs.
    Stay safe!
    Gracie and Cleo

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