Holiday Greetings!

We’ve been busy with a Frac crew here.  Pumpco moved in to start the Frac on the 18th.  We’ve never done a Frac with Pumpco, always had Baker Hughes crews in the past.  The most noticeable difference is that there are no catered meals, so the perk of Gate Guards getting an occasional free meal doesn’t happen with these guys.  Apparently, these guys choose to draw more pay and bring their own dinner.  😦


This is our 4th Christmas working as Gate Guards in the Oilfield.  Mom has been busy making Christmas treats for the guys…

Pretzels with Chocolate



Cranberry, White Chocolate Oatmeal cookies



and piles of Reindeer Poop, which is Chocolate Caramel Rice Crispy Treats  Reindeer Poop Recipe


We passed out bags of goodies on Dec 23, since they shut down at midnight and aren’t coming back until Saturday morning.


So it sounds like we’ll have a quiet relaxing Christmas break here too.


Wishing You & Yours a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season





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  1. I really enjoy reading your news…. I have always wanted to do what you do after I retired from a professional life, but I am 71, with no partner and although I am really healthy, I am just not able to do it all on my own… It takes a special person to do what you guys are doing! Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas from our house to yours. I love your pretzels. But that reindeer poop wins the prize. Love it.

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