Tough Times in the Oilfields

While most of the country is rejoicing over the lower prices at the gas pumps, the families that make a living in the oilfields are feeling a little differently.  This article came out today.  Helmerich & Payne (H&P) is the company that drilled the site we’re on now.


Drilling Contracts Cancelled As 60 Rigs Are Going Idle For Leading Shale Driller


Many of our Gate Guard friends are out of work.  A lot of them are waiting at nearby RV parks, and paying lot rent, because the gate guard companies that have waiting yards are mostly full.  Some have given up and left Texas.  Our gate will probably close soon…Flowback finished a couple days ago.  Traffic the last few days has just been mostly clean up and equipment moving out. 

There’s a cold front blowing in…again.  We’ve already hit our high of 51 for the day and temp is dropping now.  Of course, the worst part of the week is when the rain comes.  It’s never fun being a Gate Guard in the rain, especially when you have to walk through mud to open and close the gate for every truck. 


We had heard predictions of a colder, wetter winter this year, and so far it’s proving true.  We’re supposed to get down to 28 tonight, and you can really feel that when you’re living in a RV.  We don’t like cold weather, especially Lucy.  Sometimes, when it’s windy we’re glad she’s on a leash, or she might blow away.



Mostly we stay inside.  Hannah on the couch


and Lucy running around playing ball or trying to find some trouble to get into.


We’ll keep you updated on the developments here.




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  1. Gracie and Cleo

    We notice Phoebe always keeps her girlish figure. Hannah is a little “plump” like us! Sad so many people are going to be unemployed. Try to stay warm. It is suppose to be 14 degrees in the morning. Too Cold!
    Gracie and Cleo

  2. We have a minute share of some minerals rights in eastern Montana and our small royalty check is getting smaller all the time. Couldn’t really get much smaller to begin with. I often wonder what is going to happen to all those folks who bought those really expensive homes in Sidney, MT now that the Bakken range has also slowed way down. Lots and lots of folks are going to be impacted and even though I am loving the prices when we fill up, I know that it’s going to be tough. Our weather has finally improved so hopefully some of this warmth will move your way.

  3. We usually leave for South Texas right after Christmas, not this year. We were waiting until things settled down at home but looks like we may not be going gate guarding for a while. We did it the last three years. Like the folks we work for and the work (well the money) too. Hope you get to stay as long as you want too.

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