Running From the Cold

We got to Georgia and spent 3 weeks at Grandma & Grandpa’s house.  We had lots of fun running and playing in the big yard. 



Lucy loved having so much room to play ball


and she enjoyed riding with Grandpa on his scooter


The only problem was, Grandma & Grandpa got a new dog…and Cleo hates us!  It was a trick to keep Cleo separated while we were there.  Fortunately, she likes her crate, so she didn’t seem to mind staying in there, while we had free run of the house with the nice dog, Gracie.

I was going to get my teeth cleaned at the Vet, but they did blood tests and said my kidneys weren’t working good, so they couldn’t give me anesthesia.  They gave me an IV for a while, to try to flush out my kidneys, but they had to be careful with that because of my heart murmur. 


Anyway I spent a day at the vet and came home looking pitiful, with a shaved knee.


I went back two weeks later for more blood tests, but they still indicate the beginning of chronic renal failure….I guess I’m getting old.

It got horribly cold in Georgia, below freezing for a few days…which is really cold for Georgia.  We decided to take a road trip in search of warm weather.  This was our first trip with all of us in the new RV, our Jayco Greyhawk.


Lucy wasn’t real sure about being in the house while it was moving.  This was all new to her, since she wasn’t with us when we had our first motorhome.  Hannah curled up and slept and I got to ride in Mom’s lap most of the way, sometimes with Lucy.  Mom still thinks she’s going to teach me to ride on the floor, but that’s not going to happen.

Anyway, we drove down to Naples, FL to visit our friends from Bar Harbor, ME.  All our parents worked together, at the KOA campground in Bar Harbor, for summer of 2012.  Do you all remember the Princess, Annie?

Well, she’s still a little Princess  I’m pretty sure she thinks we’re a bunch of rednecks ~ LOL 🙂

unnamed We spent 4 wonderful days in Naples, with temps in the high 70’s, and recovered from the nasty cold weather.  We stayed at the KOA Campground in Naples. 


and Lucy got in her ball playing at the Kamp K-9 Dog Park.


Mom & Dad are still moving stuff around, working on getting settled in our new RV and adjusting to the smaller space, but we all really Love it.

Tomorrow we’ll leave and slowly head back to GA.  The weather is still looking like winter up there, through Sunday, then warming up in the 60’s for the following week, with some rain. 

The gate guard jobs seem to still be few and far between in Texas, so we plan to stay in GA for a while.  We’re probably going to stay there until we sell the house.  When we took off in the RV in May of 2009, we really had no idea how long we’d be Fulltiming in a RV.  After 5-1/2 years, we’re sure we don’t want to move back into the big house.  So, if the renters get moved out in the next month or two, we’re going to put the house on the market.  Hopefully, we can get that all done and head back to Texas for the summer. 




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  1. What a wonderful story. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Just wondering why the class C instead of a class A motorhome ?… There is so much more storage in the class A

  3. Having a big yard to run in can be a lot of fun but not if it’s brrr. I can’t have my teeth cleaned again either because of my heart problems and lung issues. Getting old is not fun is it. But at least we are loved and have great parents. Hope you get the house sold quickly.

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