Monthly Archives: July 2015

Long Overdue Update…

Yikes, 5 months since we’ve written anything.  Life’s been kind of hectic.

We spent March, April & most of May volunteering at Fort Yargo State Park.  It was nice being back in GA and we got to see lots of old friends and visit Grandma & Grandpa. 


Our old house got vacated the end of May, so we moved over there to take care of what we needed to sell it. 

We took a few days and went down to Savannah and stayed at Skidaway Island State Park.  It was hot, but it’s a beautiful park.



We went to Tractor Supply and got all our annual shots…everything except the rattlesnake vaccine, they don’t have that in GA.


Mom accepted an offer on the house and we took a job workamping at a campground up in Nashville.  We spent a month in Nashville until we decided that job wasn’t working out well.  Some campground jobs are great, some aren’t…the good thing about having a house on wheels, is that you can drive away.  We’re on our way back to GA, but stopped for a couple nights in Chattanooga at Raccoon Mountain Campground.

Looks like the plan is to head back to Texas and see what’s available for Gate Guarding jobs for the rest of the summer.  We need to be back in GA the end of Sep, but figured we better do some work between now and then if we can.


I’ll try to do better with updates now that we’re heading back to Texas.