Spa Day

Yesterday was Spa Day!  Lucy & I went to a new place this time, since we’ve never been to a groomer around here.  Mom called Petco first, but they said I was too old…they don’t do grooming on any dogs over 11!  How rude is that?  Anyway, we went to Metropawlitan Pet Boutique on Military Drive.


After 3-1/2 hours Mom came to get us and I was still on the table.  She specifically asked for them to have me done in under 3 hours, so the lady made the appt for 8:30 in the morning.  Apparently, being there at the crack of dawn didn’t do anything to get me done faster.

IMG_4142Of course, we both came out looking pretty cute, but I doubt we’ll go back there.



Happy to get back in the car and head home, even though my ears weren’t brushed or trimmedIMG_4165

Hannah got to stay home and get her hair trimmed and nails done…she’s not High Maintenance like me and Lucy… and that wiry hair of hers is easy to trim.



She turned out pretty cute too and she got to stay home.IMG_4140 

Naturally, they hit a drive thru, this time it was Jack-in-the-Box, and picked up a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger for us to share.  It helps relieve the trauma of the day.

Did you say Bacon Cheeseburger?


Here we are waiting patiently for Dad to cut up our burger.IMG_4179

We haven’t had much luck with a Gate Guard job.  Things are still pretty slow in the oilfield, with the price of oil going so low this year.  We’ve been here for 6 weeks and have had a couple job possibilities, but none have worked out yet.  Our Gate Guard company called today and said they could put us in the company RV Park, down in Tilden, and use us for relief work on guard shacks, if they need us, but they still don’t have anything right now.  We decided to stay here in San Antonio until they have something more permanent.  Mom & Dad are enjoying hanging out with their friends, playing cards & visiting…which Gate Guards don’t really get to do much.  If nothing comes up in the next few weeks, I guess we’ll look at some other options for a winter job.



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  1. We are so glad we don’t have to get hair cuts! Going for nail trims is bad enough.
    Those burgers sound pretty good and you all look right snazzy.
    Gracie and Cleo

  2. travelinterriers

    The burgers are great, but it would be better not to have to suffer through these “Spa Days” We’re happier at home, but Mom doesn’t give great haircuts.

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