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Moved To A New Gate

On Saturday we got moved to new location.  It was supposed to happen on Friday, but the skies opened up and it poured rain.  Since we were 8 miles down a dirt road, they told us to wait until Sat, to give the road time to dry.

Well, it was still pretty muddy when we drove out.



It was slow going, but we made it!

We moved south, to just outside Cotulla.  This is the nicest gate location we’ve had, in the four years we’ve been Gate Guarding.  We have a patio and a wooden walkway out to the road, that’ll be nice when it rains.  There’s even a little grassy spot for us to go potty on…and no stickers!  The RV got really dirty on the trip, so it needs a bath pretty bed right now.



The gate guards that were here before us, left a lot of plants and even a bunch of okra growing out front.  We don’t eat okra, but Mom enjoys it.  Those T-Posts sticking up will be used to tie down a canopy, for shade and protection from rain…We just haven’t found one yet.

We’ve been busy getting everything set up here, it sounds like we could be here for a while, so Mom wants to set out some of her plants and start a few more.  There’s not much selection of grocery shopping down, so maybe growing some of our own veggies in a winter garden is a good idea.  Mom has already transferred some of her herbs to the outside planters and bought some more basil.


We have lots of wildlife here. The rabbits and deer seem to come visit regularly. 006


The gate guards before us fed the deer, but we were told not to, because it lures them into the road and they could get hit but trucks.  They’re still cleaning up the leftover corn that was put out.

We have lots of little rabbits.


An armadillo visits at night.


We’re far enough south that we have Green Jays, also known as Rio Grande Jays.



We put out a bird feeder and water pan and it didn’t take long for the birds to find it.  The Green Jays chase the Cardinals off the feeder, they’re kind of bullies. 038


The Roadrunners are enjoying the water pan too.




They hang around all day and seem pretty tame, but haven’t been interested in the few pieces of chicken Mom offered them…they have a lot of crickets and bugs, and they seem to prefer them.


Dad got a thin sheet of plexiglass and mounted it on the outside of our screen door.  That’s me and Lucy looking out 


It gives us a better view of what’s happening outside and it’s quieter opening and closing than the big door.  This gate has a good amount of traffic, we’re getting around 150 vehicles in per day right now.  The nights are mostly just a few tankers making trips in and out, so it’s quieter.  We have one Drill Rig on site.

So, that’s our new gate.  We’re really excited to be here and looking forward to spending the winter here.  It’s still in the mid 90’s here in the afternoon, so it’s still really hot.  Hopefully, Fall will arrive here soon.   In the meantime, Hannah’s happy to lay in the chair with an air conditioner blowing on her.

053 Lucy still wants to play ball…all day!


and I’m happy and content to be back to our Gate Guarding life. 


Phoebe .