Back To Work

After 2 months back in Texas, without a gate assignment, we signed on with a different company last week, and got a gate assignment yesterday.  This is a short term gate, probably about 2 weeks for a coil tubing unit to do some work, but it’s a start.

We’re southeast of Dilley, Texas, 8 miles down a dirt road.  Yeah, Mom hates driving on these crummy Texas dirt & Caliche roads, but with the slow down in the oilfields, we decided to take what we could get…no matter what, it’s better than the abuse can end up facing in some campground work.

Our site isn’t anything fancy, in fact it’s fresh dirt, so if it rains we’re gonna have a mess.

We’re parked in a field of stickers…Grass Burs, Sticker Burs, Sand Burs…whatever you call them, they’re terrible.  So, we get carried out to the road for our outings. 

It’s kind of embarrassing, but it works.  Lucy’s easy because she only weighs 8 pounds and she likes to be carried.


We still pick up a sticker in our paw once in a while, but if we stop and hold our paw up, somebody will run and pick it out.097 Phoebe wants to go exploring, she’ll walk for miles if you let her, but we haven’t had a chance to do that yet.

100 Of course, I have to put up with the comments about my overweightedness ~ Ha Ha!

101 The other side of the road seems OK, so far.  We’re able to walk around in the dirt over there without much sticker problems.



But where we’re parked, one trip to open the gate results in shoes that look like this.


So shoes have to be cleaned and removed before coming in the house.  Those little things hurt when they get in your paws.

We got set up yesterday, we’ll probably only be here a couple weeks.



We have one of those nice big light towers for night.  It really lights up the place, but it draws bugs too. 


We had tons of crickets last night…guess who eats crickets…..

Coyotes!  We had three of them in the road last night catching crickets.  This is the best picture we could get, looking out the RV window at night.  Fortunately, they run away if a truck comes or anyone goes outside.


We have those pretty little Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers here too.

 006 And a few Roadrunners…Gate Guards favorite bird, since they eat rattlesnakes.




So that’s our update.  We’re happy to be back to gate guarding…there’s always someone home with us and awake, so we never get lonely.  We’ll keep you posted on whatever happens next.




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  1. Glad you guys got another gate but boy those stickery things are not fun. I didn’t know that coyotes ate crickets but that would be fine with me. Hopefully your Mom and Dad will find some long term gate. Paws crossed for you.

  2. Gracie and Cleo

    Hopefully, you get a better location soon with a place you can play. Lucy can keep you busy playing ball inside. We have to stay in because it has rained every day lately.
    Stay well!

  3. Hope you get a gate next to some nice people with a cat!

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