Thanksgiving Weekend

We’re enjoying a quieter traffic weekend with the holiday, a lot of the workers took a four day weekend.  We still have the normal tankers, drill rig traffic and few maintenance folks checking on things, but only around 50 sign-ins a day.   Things never shut down completely in the oilfield, so gate guards are still on duty.  It’s been rainy and colder today, temps dropped last night and our high today is only supposed to be around 50 degrees.

These guys were prancing around this morning, they must be happy Thanksgiving is over and they’re not in a pot of soup.


We figured out why the bird feeder is always empty.  She was sneaking up in the night to get it, but now she comes in broad daylight.  


Sometimes the cows come by to hear us bark.  Lucy’s very brave and ferocious when she behind the safety of the front door.


Mom has one roadrunner that comes every day for morning and afternoon snacks.  Here’s a short video of him eating raw hamburger treats.


 It’s a perfect weekend for hanging out and relaxing…It’s too cold and wet to go outside anyway.



Hope you all had a great turkey dinner and are enjoying a nice relaxing weekend too.




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  1. I think those turkeys would look much better in my food dish. At least Mom is sharing a couple of bites of her big bird with us. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  2. That is a cute video. Bet Hannah would like to catch the roadrunner. We had turkey dinner, too, and a nice day. Those wild turkeys are lucky! Miss you!
    Gracie and Cleo

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