Monthly Archives: December 2015

Happy Holidays

We’re enjoying a quiet Christmas Day today.  We’ve been crazy busy with two fracs on our location, but fortunately they shut down yesterday afternoon for Christmas, and won’t resume work until tomorrow morning. 

We passed out candy canes and bags of treats all day yesterday.

IMG_4590 IMG_4622

It’s never completely quiet in the oilfield, we still have some tankers running and a couple of maintenance folks checking on things, but it’s pretty nice compared to what we’ve been having.

We supervised while Dad hung some Christmas lights around our canopy last week


It makes it a little more festive.



Last Sunday we hired a relief guard to watch our gate for a few hours and we took a road trip to San Antonio.


We got new beds at TJ Maxx…Hannah’s still trying to figure out which one she likes best.




We had lunch, went to Whole Foods to stock up on meat, and got back to our gate before the evening shift change rush.

It’s warm but foggy this morning and we plan to just rest and enjoy the day.


Here’s a couple short videos of the roadrunner. 

Here he is coming for Christmas breakfast.


and he will take hamburger off Mom’s finger now.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Season!