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Big Surprise In Colorado!

So, we’re done with Gate Guarding for the summer and heading to Utah, for a campground job….such is the life of a workamper. 

We took off from Cotulla, TX  on April 23rd and headed North.  The first treat was breakfast on the road…McDonald’s Egg McMuffins, without the muffin.


Most of the time I just sleep between the seats….Phoebe and Lucy ride in Mom’s lap.

IMG_5097 We went to Abilene, TX,  so Mom could visit her brother.  

The second day on the road we went to Dumas, TX and just boondocked in a Walmart parking lot overnight.  Boondocking is fun and we haven’t done it for a while.

The third day we drove from Dumas, TX to Pueblo, CO.

It was really windy in North Teas and New Mexico.  We stopped for a potty break and enjoyed the breeze blowing through our ears.


We spent one night in Pueblo, CO then drove up to Colorado Springs and parked at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  We got a great site overlooking Colorado Springs.



The grandkid came and spent a few days with us.  The motorhome was crowded, but it sure was fun.  We roasted hotdogs for dinner.


Made smores…

 IMG_5177 and enjoyed the incredible views.


Then the snow started…


What on earth is this cold wet stuff?


Let’s get this potty break done quick!


My feet are freezing!


Can we go back to Texas??



So today we’re resting inside and staying warm.


We’re booked here, at the State park until Tuesday, and the weather is supposed to clear up this weekend, so we’ll wait it out.