Moving to our Summer Job

Today we left our Gate Guard job and we’re taking 3 weeks to travel and visit some family, then we’ll settle into our summer job in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

We had a wonderful winter working our gate and will miss it, but we plan to come back here in Nov.  The cactus & wildflowers are blooming and it looks beautiful down here.









Of course, spring time here means the snakes are coming out.  We only saw one and he knew better than to come over by the motorhome.  The roadrunner kept a close eye on it, but didn’t try to kill it.  We’re not allowed to kill snakes at this location, so we’re learning to be tolerant of them and give them space, we were lucky they respected our boundaries too.



We’re going to miss all the critter visitors we had at this location.  Here’s a little collection of some of our photos from the last six months here.

 001 (3)001 (5) 002 (3) 002 (4) 002 (5) 003 (2) 005 007 008 011 (2) 013 (2) 013 022 026 028 035 047 058 IMG_4491

It’s especially sad to leave the pair of roadrunners we’ve become friends with.  We wonder if they have a nest and will have babies soon.  The male had gotten very protective of the female in the last few weeks.  Here’s a short video of him feeding her the hamburger treats we gave them.

So, the sun is setting on our time here, for now….

001 (2)

and we’re off to a new adventure in the Canyons of Utah.


We’ll post updates soon.



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