Happy Holidays!

So, we left Utah the end of August and spent a month in Las Vegas. 


The first week in Oct, we went to Arizona to visit Raven and her parents. IMG_20161009_070450087 We parked in their driveway  


and had fun playing in her backyard. 

Her yard is completely caged to prevent any critters from trying to get her.  The hawks will swoop down and grab little dogs out here! IMG_20161006_151306702


 then we made the long drive back to Texas…with lots of pit stops along the way IMG_20161015_132205630 The last week of Oct we went to Bonevoyage Pet Resort, in Galveston, and enjoyed a week there while Mom & Dad took a Caribbean cruise. 


On Oct 31st we went back to Cotulla, Texas to work as gate guards again.  We’re back on the same ranch we worked at last year, and it felt like coming home. 

Guess who was there to greet us?


and they still come running for treats..

Still can’t get a video uploaded on here, but here’s the link

Roadrunner Video

So, we just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season and a New Year filled with Joy!



Phoebe, Lucy & Hannah


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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you.

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