Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Halloween

We only had one Trick-or-Treater today….


Guess Who?



He stopped by for a few bites of salmon, then ran off to eat bugs


Yesterday Mom drove over to meet our closest LOMA Gate Guards.  Bob & Penny just moved to a gate that is 24.4 miles from us.  Penny wasn’t there, but Mom met Bob, and Penny called when she got back from the grocery.  They plan to get together this week.  They want to swap out gate duties, so each couple gets a few hours to go out together.  They’re on a very slow gate right now too.


Some of the landowner’s hunter friends have been around the last few days.  Deer season opens Nov 5th, so they’re getting ready.  Some brought in a deer stand yesterday.  I hope we don’t have to see them hauling the dead animals out.  Sad smile


Have a Fun Halloween…and don’t eat too much candy.