Monthly Archives: November 2014

Holiday Season

This is our fourth Holiday Season as Gate Guards in the oilfield…and we still enjoy the work!  It’s been a fairly quiet Thanksgiving weekend.  Mom made Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats & Pecan Pie Bars and took them down to the Drill Rig for the guys.  We’ve had turkey in our dinner for the past 3 nights. 

The weather has been perfect, it’s not real dusty here so we can keep the door and windows open for fresh air.


Thought we’d show a few pictures of our new set up here.


The Generator and Direct TV Dish are in the back. 


We upgraded our Direct TV to HD with a DVR and the new dish is much bigger than the old one.  But the DVR is great for Dad, he works nights…when nothing is on TV…so he can DVR all the shows he wants, and then have them to watch while working his midnight to 8am shift.



The fresh water tank is in the front of the RV.  They come and top it off once a week.



The water comes out of the tank, and through 3 water filters, then into the RV.  We still only use it for showers, dishes & laundry.  We fill up 5gal jugs of filtered water, in town, to use for all drinking & cooking.



All of our black & gray water drains into these tanks, and they come pump them out every couple weeks.


Dad attached our trash can to a T-Post, so it won’t blow away and we use bungee cords to keep the lid on it.  We used to take our trash to the county dump in Tilden, but we’ll probably throw it in the Rig trash trailer when they change it out.


We put up Christmas lights and bows on the gate today.  We haven’t decided if we’re going to put up the ones on the RV.  This Drill Rig only expects to be here for 2 weeks, and we’re not sure if we’ll be staying when they leave or not. 


Mom went looking for the Longhorns today and found some of them.  We weren’t allowed to go see them, since we bark and might scare them.  There’s a 20 year old Longhorn here, but she didn’t see him.



Here’s me begging for Thanksgiving day turkey…it worked, Dad’s a softie


Hope you all had lots of goodies to eat this weekend.