Monthly Archives: November 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

So….I ate too much turkey & gravy


It’s been a quiet weekend with just some hunters in & out and the landowner stopped by.

They finished working on the road to the new pad last Wednesday.   It goes  back another 1.4 miles from the original pad.



and here’s the new pad.  This is 3.6 miles from our gate.  They said they will start laying gravel & caliche here on  Monday.


We aren’t sure when they plan to start drilling here….or fracing on the original pad.  There still isn’t enough water in the Frac pond to start that.

It’s really gotten to be rather boring around here.  We still keep a close watch on things though.  We haven’t seen anymore mountain lions and the deer seem to be hiding now that the hunters are here.


The roadrunner stops by every morning.  He got a little turkey for Thanksgiving too.  He doesn’t really need to be fed, there’s a million moths in our yard, but Mom feeds him treats anyway.


It’s cool and windy here today, supposed to get down in the 30’s tonight.   Time to dig out the sweaters.


Hannah Signoff